Exposure to mold has been linked to asthma, respiratory infection, and even depression. Children are especially vulnerable.
Take mold in your home seriously.

Mold only needs high levels of humidity to creep into in your home. It will commonly grow in places you're not noticing, like behind furniture, cabinets,or even your walls. When you have water damage in your home due to heavy rains or flooding, mold is almost certain to follow. Homeowners often ignore mold when it appears in small amounts, or treat it as a DIY project. However, the mold you can see may only be a small portion of the mold actually in your home. 

MESS treats mold abatement like any serious hazardous material.

Find the actual source of the mold in your home.


Build an enclosure around the affected area.


Remove, bag, and dispose of the contaminated parts of your home


Use commerical grade products to vacuum and clean the work area.

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