Asbestos cannot be seen, smelled, or detected without microscopes. It causes respiratory problems and even cancer. Symptoms do not begin to show for 10-40 years.
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Some lesser known asbestos facts

Contrary to popular belief, asbestos was not banned in the 1980's. A law requiring a gradual phase out of asbestos products was passed in 1989, and overturned by the Supreme Court in 1991.

While increasingly regulated, the US has never completely banned asbestos. Several bills have failed to become law, as recently as 2007. 

Asbestos continued to be used in home construction material well into the 1990's. Despite heavy regulation, it's still found in over 3,000 products including drywall, ceilings, and tile.

Even with a respirator, airborne asbestos fibers will attach to your floors, walls, and clothes, to be breathed in later by yourself and loved ones.

At MESS, we are equal parts educators and abatement

When you're suspicious of asbestos, lead, or mold in your home, you don't just want someone to come in and give you a price to remove it. You want someone to walk you through it. Should you get it tested? Is your health at risk? What exactly will people be doing in your home? MESS approaches every job thinking about not just what our customers need, but what they need to know to make smart decisions. When you work with a MESS project manager, here's what you can expect:

Before the Job

A project manager will come to your house and identify where your material is and what risks it poses. 

We will explain your options for removal,  refer you to other contractors you might need, and any laws or regulations you should be aware of.

You'll be sent a detailed estimate of your job, detailing every line item, as well as what is included and excluded from the cost.

During the Job

Every job has a licensed asbestos supervisor with a minimum 40 hour training course at a state certified training center. 

MESS will use industry standard means and methods in your home including containment, negative air pressure, HEPA vacuums, respirators, and personal protective equipment.

Your project manager will visit the work site and provide you will updates if requested.

After the Job

Our team will thoroughly clean, HEPA vac, and wet wipe the work area

You'll be provided with copies of hazardous waste manifests if they were used, or a statement of completion of work if requested. 

Your project manager will follow-up with you to make sure the job was done right.

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