Asbestos cannot be seen, smelled, or detected without microscopes. It causes respiratory problems and even cancer. Symptoms do not begin to show for 10-40 years.
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Some lesser known asbestos facts

Contrary to popular belief, asbestos was not banned in the 1980's. A law requiring a gradual phase out of asbestos products was passed in 1989, and overturned by the Supreme Court in 1991.

While increasingly regulated, the US has never completely banned asbestos. Several bills have failed to become law, as recently as 2007. 

Asbestos continued to be used in home construction material well into the 1990's. Despite heavy regulation, it's still found in over 3,000 products including drywall, ceilings, and tile.

Even with a respirator, airborne asbestos fibers will attach to your floors, walls, and clothes, to be breathed in later by yourself and loved ones.

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Asbestos abatement is one of the most highly regulated fields in the United States, and for good reason. Asbestos is easy to miss and even easier to ignore. It must be tested and remediated by professionals. Monterey Environmental Solutions and Services will not just remove it, but will educate our clients and partners about where and how hazardous material exists in their home. You can aslo rest easy knowing that MESS will use the most thorough means and methods of remediation, including:

Building a containment structure and sealing it with negative air pressure to isolate the contaminated area.

Equipping all of our workers with respirators and protective suits. 

Using wet methods to minimize exposure inside containment

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) tools to clean the worksite for a clearance test.

Double bagging all material for disposal at a hazardous waste facility.

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